SEDA College innovates and launches Jobs Club

Wellcome To SEDA Jobs Club

The SEDA Jobs Club

The project aims to connect exchange students to employment opportunities and intends to register more than 15,000 students and more than 500 companies in Ireland. Exchange students from all Irish schools will have free access to the platform, which will work both for students to apply for job openings, and for companies, who want to employ exchange students, to advertise their job vacancies.

The SJC was thought and elaborated by CEO and co-founder Tiago Mascarenhas, known for his bold and visionary profile in the business world, the entrepreneur commented on the launch of the project that will be the first employability platform for exchange students in Ireland: "our goal is to connect people to jobs. Students will no longer need to deliver curriculum in establishments. The world has become digital and, with it, so has the way to look for jobs".