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SEDA College

SEDA College

Student support and sales supervisor MKT Brazil- Cork

Full time Part time

Cork /

Job Description

Responsible for coordinating the sales team in Cork, offer student support, scholl activities and Inducction Day.

Job Responsibilities

- Supervise the activities of the sales team including marketing activities like product activations. - Assist the line manager to recruit, training, enumerating, and retaining a competent sales team. - Provide reports to top management like sales reports, lead generation reports, customer complaints reports, and new customers’ on-boarded reports. - Prepare sales presentations and other sales tools. - Assist the line managers to ensure adequate client communication, maintain contacts with clients and provide feedback. - Initiate sales activities, strategies, and sales plans required to build brand visibility. - Serve as a point of reference to employees in terms of showing great work ethic, habits, personal character, and professional character. - Develop and maintain accurate records of prospects, leads, pricing, sales activities, and active clients. - Evaluate the performance of the sales team and seek ways to improve the team’s performance. Identify the trends in the market, both current, and future that are likely to affect the performance of the organization. - Ensure the items are displayed correctly in the schol, and other sales points. - Ensure that the physical structure of the company is in good condition.

Job Requirements


Problem Solving Collaboration Negotiation Organization Good Communication Skills Sales Leadership Sales Fast Learning, proactive, serving, work well under pressure, customer service, hard working

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Years of experience

6 months to 1 year

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SEDA College


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